About - Studio Erol
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Total experience in space: architecture and media

Places to meet other people are no longer limited to physical spaces like on the street, in the hallway, at home or in the cafeteria. Nowadays several social networks have become meeting places as well. For Studio Erol, architectural space consists of this digital communication space as well. We use both architecture and media to create an environment where everyone can feel at home, or challenged.


Studio Erol explores the client’s wishes in collaboration with all persons involved. The answer contains inside and outside spaces, as well as the space between people. In a physical, virtual and above all, connecting way.


The power behind Studio Erol is: Erol Oztan.
Architect, Creative Connector of Spaces, People and Opportunities.

Erol: “With mediocrity as standard we pass by true
beauty, through which ugliness can take over.”



In this changing world we are constantly gathering new information, as well as looking for new insights. At Studio Erol, we challenge ourselves on a yearly basis, by formulating the key concepts of our creative goals. In 2006 we chose ‘Simple & Sexy’. With this concept, we strive for a different, more beautiful world in the city, in the workspace and in your home, in a powerful and vigorous way. A world that doesn’t serve the ego, but cultivates surprising dreams and identities. In 2015 we chose the slogan ‘Be the Change’. Because we believe it is all about daring to be the change yourself. For 2016 we focus on ‘Being not Doing’. To be, and to experience the moment is more important than to do something without experiencing it.

We choose enthusiasm and moral considerations over profit, because we think it is very important to maintain a good relationship with our clients, suppliers and employees. Our creative solutions positively influence the pleasure of working in our client’s organization. We are aware of the fact that these are sensitive processes that need a great deal of support. It is our expertise to listen to more than just the words spoken out loud. We carefully listen to the client’s goals and intentions and translate these to something that is more than just a design. We translate it into a total experience with conditions providing long-term and optimal functioning.

Connecting people with their strengths is a process that needs careful guidance. It is crucial to come to a suitable corporate identity and to the right process of change. Studio Erol developed methods for these processes, which start with clarifying the organization’s core values, because these will function as the starting point. Also, we believe that it has to be possible for each employee to play an optimal role in the foundation of the change of both the physical and virtual space in a new design.


Creative and dynamic processes illustrate possible solutions to problems. It is this subject in which Studio Erol is experienced most. We use social media to come to the reinforcement and recognition of qualities, together with the employees. We believe that a new design is only functioning properly, when the users implement it in their daily lives, in which they experience it as suitable, not just as something beautiful. Engaging employees in this process results in ownership. Everyone’s qualities will be deployed to make the daily surroundings a pleasant place.

Creative Connection


Architecture & design


Spaces consciously and unconsciously evoke emotions and different moods. You can experience peace, excitement, or joy. In our designs, we emphasize a total experience. To see, feel and taste; they are all part of an experience of comfort and optimal functioning, in which you can be yourself for 100% at any time. It applies to every organization, every home and every public space. In our work, we strive for a positive connection between people and their environment.


Every home and every workspace needs the right balance between beauty, budget, identity and wishes. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we create the optimal pleasure in living and working, even when space is limited. We play with lights and walls. We create serenity with the right positioning of objects, displaying a dynamic game with the resident in the lead. Delicate color and material choices bring forth a luxurious interior, which we finish with a high fun factor and an outstanding ‘re-use’ of materials. But at times, we focus on only one object that deserves all the attention.

Studio Erol chooses to be small in scale, whereby every team member can excel in their own expertise. Personal and professional development is our main priority, expansion of our profit and organization comes after. Everyone’s personal strength makes it possible to be open to critique, with which we achieve improvement and innovation. Superman doesn’t exist, a super team does. That is why for every assignment we put together a team with the necessary expertise. Driven by passion and a constant urge to excel, we guarantee quality, whereby we receive room to experiment from our clients. We fully commit ourselves to every assignment and persist until the desired results are reached. Studio Erol acts and collaborates within a highly experienced network, consisting of building experts, visualizators, calculators, researchers, photographers and artists.


Studio Erol supports young talent, because we believe we need ‘young Bastards’. We give them a chance to develop, through intensive guidance, mental coaching and external courses. We are very proud that we were able to contribute to their career. Together we collaborate on projects like CityLiv and the Resource House, to make the world a better place.

Superman doesn’t exist. A super team does.