COTT&CO - Studio Erol
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About This Project

Studio Erol traveled to Perth (Australia) to give a dated hotel bar at ‘Cottesloe Beach’ a thorough makeover. The outside terrace already received a trendy appearance, so the client’s desire was to extend this vibe to the restaurant. Studio Erol created a place for nice wine and tasteful finger food, while inviting the guests to explore the culinary menu, by the vivid ambiance. A busy road, creating a barrier between the bar and the beach, was removed out of sight by implementing elevations. The bar and tables were further arranged in a way that the new emerging sea view became part of the restaurant again. Long tables and a long bar allow people to connect with their accidental neighbor. With the use of an open kitchen, we brought back the dynamics and liveliness, also allowing the guests to see the expertise and freshness of products in the kitchen. For the interior, we used a broad range of natural colors and materials, such as large quantity second-hand chairs, originating from the environment.


(pictures: & Tony Harrison)