Mini Monsters - Studio Erol
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Mini Monsters

Creative Connections
About This Project

With the educational program Mini Monsters, Studio Erol teaches young children to observe and enjoy their city and the world and making it their own by using their creativity and imagination. This way they become aware of the active contribution you can make as a citizen in a sustainable future. Reducing their own eco footprint by learning how to reuse and recycling.

In a playful way, children from ages 7 to 10 years learn about:


  • The basis of architecture in shape, function and styles;
  • Exploring the world, critically review their environment and develop analytical ability;
  • Why recycling and reusing is so important for our future;
  • The “creative solutions” you can invent that will help their generation;
  • Forming their own opinion and with what “techniques” they can shape their living environment fort he better.


During 2 interactive sessions, the kids learn how to give old materials a second life and challenge them to use them in architecture, allowing them to create their own new world.                                        


Let’s have fun and be creative!