WONEN ZUID H. - Studio Erol
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About This Project

The former residence of ‘Hema Heerlen’ is home to ‘Wonen Zuid Heerlen’ since the end of 2014. In this project, Studio Erol restored the original architecture as much as possible. A mix of nostalgic elements together with the client’s corporate identity resulted in a three-story workspace, perfectly suitable for the concept of ‘new working’ (in Dutch; ‘het nieuwe werken’).

By omitting the standard hallways and replacing them with connected spaces, we created several public connections that are both horizontal and vertical. The interior was adapted to the buildings’ architecture; sophisticated with a great deal of incidences of light, which produces a play of shadow; allowing peace and unity. Every floor has its own ‘box’ made of re-used wood, infiltrating across the building, hereby separating private domains from public spaces. The ‘no-nonsense’ mentality was translated into a plain line of furniture, producing an overall picture of a serious organization, highly committed to its clients.