the way we work - Studio Erol
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the way we work

Re Use

As designers, we have the privilege to handle materials in a different way. Not because we can, but because we have to. In using demolition waste, there are endless possibilities, from which we keep a database. We use new product developments, circular application of materials and clever media concepts to strengthen the design’s quality and identity. We always ask ourselves how we can transform existing objects within an organization into a new, dynamic design, stimulating a positive change of behavior. 

Studio Erol works closely together with Re Use Materials.

We quickly determine the existing situation, exploring the space, in search for opportunities to change, in which we focus on finding possibilities and chances. We bring about very concrete results, carefully guiding the process. As our client’s faith in us grows, the new situation grows as well, into a unique and fabulous design.

Re Think

Re Frame

Due to our strong sense of visualization, we can create and propose creative solutions very quickly. Extracting that very first feeling, translating it into visible images and place them into the right context, creating different statics and translate it into transparent designs. That is our talent: alternating from feeling to image to buildings and from people to qualities to iconic spaces.

To change behavior, you need to reprogram the mindset. We handle this process very straight in our workshops, which can be implemented in every organization, with surprising results, time after time. First by doing, then by seeing and after that believing. That is how we, as a team, lay out a foundation for an extending change in work attitude. For us, that is the reason why we do what we do. In this way, we strengthen the corporate identity, the ownership of every employee and the relation between both.

Re Set